CEO Welcome
Let me take a moment of your time to tell you about our outstanding organization. Measar Saleh Est. is located in dozens of places in the Republic of Yemen, offering a comprehensive range of high quality services (in both Private & Public sectors) for the client we serve. Measar Saleh Est. (MSE), headquarter is located near Beirut St. Faj Atan Area Sana’a - ROY.
As President and CEO of Measar Saleh Est. (MSE) for Trading, Contracting, Transport & Petroleum Services, I’d like to introduce myself as the authorized representative of all the members of the board of directors, management and all our staff working in the Republic of Yemen and in the Middle East. My career was started as an unskilled laborer for a major international oil service company which spanned my experience in many operating roles, including professional and leadership roles in corporate planning and business development.
The beginning goes back to the time when we had started undertaking some contracting activities in Yemen and KSA, which is since 1985. Nevertheless, the real growth of our company has started after the unification of Yemen where a lot of Construction and building activities in so many aspects being initiated all over the country.
The (Roads and Sewage) infrastructure work, as well as all different kind of Petroleum Services and Heavy/Light Transportation sectors represent our work fields in the first move. We were and still are following a strict policy of seeking perfection, top accuracy and meeting time-schedules. We, at first set up the target to ourselves towards the honor of participation in maintaining the progress of our Country and deep rooting the Yemeni Unity. As a result of that, we have implemented many projects which were considered at the time very difficult challenges in the aspects of both the time fulfillment and standard quality of work. With the valuable technical experiences, we have successfully achieved the target of building up a competent management and staff that sustain till date. We feel very proud of the big projects that had already been executed and projects currently being executed which adds up to the promising participation to our Country’s prospect.
In addition to these outstanding achievements, the number of big projects that we have executed as well as the big fleet of heavy/light equipment (approx. more than 300 pieces of equipments ) we own, which all put together our organization to being ranked “2A organization” by the Ministry of Public Works and Highway in the construction industry in ROY.
I would like to offer our best and efficient services to you in the days coming a head…

Measar Saleh Salab
President & Chief Executive Officer